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Interkomerc doo was founded in 1985. The main goal of the company at the time was the purchase and processing of secondary raw materials. The company started with a small teamĀ  of five people. It is located in a commercial zone Rodoc, three kilometers south of Mostar. During the war Interkomerc was almost completely destroyed, and after the war, the only choice was to restart operation with a even a smaller team of employees. Thanks to the will and resistance of employees, Interkomerc is today a company that has around 150 workers. In 2005. the management of the company has concluded that it is necessary expand and to start casting aluminum under high pressaure. Realisation of this idea began with the establishment of die casting department in 2008. Die casting is one of the oldest methods of processing metals, and the use of aluminium is almost limitless. Using the latest technology, we are able to provide highest quality for our products. Quality certified by ISO 9001: 2008 and the environmental permit, assure standards in production. The products that we are able to produce are casting parts up to 10 kg, in various sizes and shapes, and parts are characterized by very smooth and clean surface. Casting parts can be used in industries that have extremely high safety standards, such as, automotive, construction, electric, gas industry, rolling shutter industry, lighting industry…


Die casting is a casting process that is accomplished by forcing molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure and high speeds. The castings made this way are characterized by a good surface finish, extraordinary shape and high precision. Die casting process itself is extremely economical when large quantities are required. Interkomerc uses a cold chamber casting process. The metal is melted inside a furnace, after which a mechanical ladle pours the molten metal into the cylinder which serves as a bridge between the casting machine and the furnace.
  1. Production line
    Production line
    Interkomerc has six aluminum die casting machines at its disposal.
  2. YOTA Machines
    YOTA Machines
    The machines have different clamping forces. The clamping forces range from 250T - 800T
  3. Product characteristics
    Product characteristics
    We are able to produce products ranging from 2.75 kg to 10.7 kg
  4. Product characteristics
    Product characteristics
    Product surface range is from 714 cm2 to 2088 cm2
We speak CNC

We utilize HAAS CNC multi axis machines in our day to day production operations

Aluminium lampposts

Production/assembly is conducted within our facilities

Accelarated urban development in these times has motivated our company to design and produce aluminium lampposts which are made out of high quality aluminium profiles in different heights and thickness (upon customer requests)

Product preparation and quality control

The products need to go trough the finishing process in order to be market ready. The entire finishing process is conducted within our facilities.


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